"Shaheen: a vision for a greater humanity"

Gender Sensitization

The primary forte of Shaheen's work is that of gender sensitization. Shaheen strives for gender justice and its many layered interventions are geared towards achieving just that - a more pluralistic, integrated society. 

Shaheen has created communication channels within communities that is holistic and participatory. Community meetings,  workshops, vocational skills training, education camps, health camps are activities that come to mind at the instant; the activities are means by which integration, participation, awareness generation

Shaheen’s work has evolved since the time it was established in the year 2002. Earlier, Shaheen’s field workers would go door to door, informing about facilities and services on offer at the centre. The women who could step by whichever means possible stepped in, to learn of a knowledge that they could carry back to their homes. The scope of activities has now widened ambit in that meetings are held in neighbourhoods and topics weaned into the discussions.

The gender sensitization activities have also become more inclusive in that the men and the young boys of the community are now stepping into neighbourhoods and talking to men of the community. The men of the community are hard to reach and they are impregnable, unresponsive. But, Shaheen has wedged into closed areas and is spreading wing.

Shaheen’s community dialogue has become more inclusive, integrated and evolved. The evolution continues as Shaheen discovers newer areas of communication and transformation.

Khwab Chhune Ki Khwahish

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Shaheen's Annual Report for 2012-13

The year 2012-13 has been extremely encouraging for the volunteers and staff of Shaheen due to  the  extensive  visibility  of their  interventions  in  the  select  20 slum  communities  of Old city area. Read more by downloading the annual report.

Download the annual report of 2012-13 here